When I was 14 I came into possession of my first set of Tarot. The classic Rider-Waite. I felt so strongly attached to them that I labored my way through Freshman year Shop class to create a pine box with my own hands to house this magical deck. I consulted my cards a great deal as a teenager, most often not knowing what the whispers that were lifted from their faces truly told me - but feeling reverently connected all the same; they seemed to keep me grounded. Somewhere in the 11 moves I made in my twenties - they disappeared. Heartsick, I was never able to bring myself to simply replace them. It felt wrong somehow. Until now.

Kim Krans came to the Tarot through her own spiritual path. As an illustrator with an uncompromising gift for detail, she created herself a set of Tarot when she could not find an existing pack that she connected to. But she also created them for me... and for you. Beautifully illustrated and resonating with both darkness and light, the power that illuminates from this box of cards is omnipotent. I have found home again, I hope you do too.

/ 78 illustrated cards
/ major & minor arcana w/ instructions
/ boxed
/ by Kim Krans



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